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"My regression was an incredible experience. Anna was extremely informative, warm, caring and reassuring and I felt very safe and relaxed through the entire experienc. The actual regression was revealing, insightful!  When I listened to the recording, any doubts I had about the authenticity of my responses were totally removed. The most outstanding experience was the contact with my Higher-self, something utterly amazing. I will try to describe, although it cannot be generalized as it  might be something individual. In my case, a more mature voice was giving me answers. In my conscious level, I am a very teary and emotional person, my Higher self was so emotionally controlled, no tears came up when I was in contact with it. It was impressive."

T.H Dallas Tx.


My QHHT experience with Anna was incredible.“ I went in there with an open mind and came out with an overwhelming experience. I learned about my past, my present, and my future. This experience has change my life and I would like to shear it with others....Read more....

J.G Frisco,Tx

History of planet Earth.


Even though this was a very difficult session emotionaly, I am so glad and so blessed that I had the opportunity to have this information that came during the session. I have now a much different perspective and understanding!!!! I am no longer in a race for cure. I am enjoying my life and my son!! I consider my self blessed, because he is the one that have changed my life!! 

QHHT did it again!! Saved another life!!!

Read more....


Sharing this recent QHHT session. This was an amazing session! It was longer than are typically conducted. The names are edited out for the client's privacy. So grateful to my client and clients SC (subconsciousness) for all the wonderful information given throughout!

I hope that many will find this recording useful! You all will find that much of the information integrated with client's life path reiterates what is happening on our planet. It is a true pleasure to have such a free flowing conversation with a higher being! Truly humbled and grateful! Feel free to navigate through the recording and share it! Much love to all!

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